It’s Just Background Noise

A new study proves what we may have suspected all along; just having the TV on distracts kids. You knew that already just as you noticed your own level of concentration increases when the TV is off.

A recent study reported in the journal Child Development suggested that parents who leave the television on all day are stunting the development of their infants. It goes on to say that even when babies appeared to pay no attention to adult programs, they spent less time focused on toys compared with when the program was turned off.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under two should watch no television and older children should be limited to no more than two hours a day.

”Parents should limit their young children’s exposure to background television,” said Marie Evans Schmidt, who carried out the research at the University of Massachusetts. She said TV was a potentially ”chronic environmental risk factor” affecting most children.

Many studies have indicated that excessive TV in the early years of life can stunt language skills and contribute to behavioral problems.

The message is loud and clear. Expand the same limits to all forms of media and you will have a child with time to think, dream and play.

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3 Responses to “It’s Just Background Noise”

  1. Excessive Background noises on TV are not only unhealthy for children, they are detrimetal to all ages. I am getting to the point of being unable to stand TV as am unable to understand the speakers (actors) for the deafening music and extra BG sound which is suposed to enhance the program,but just makes it all very confusing.

    I have a hearinng problem, nearly deaf in one ear and challenged in the other and paid over $5000 for aids to filter out BG sounds, but the TV BG’s are so loud that no way to filter them to any extent, so the story is almost totally lost. If it weren’t for CC, I couldn’t follow the story at all. The constant roaring BG’s are extremely irritating.

    Is there some way to get the attention of producers of movies, seriels, and commercials to try to get their messages across so we can hear the messages rather than have our ear drums drummed out with Excessve Background Noise??!!! There are so many that are over what would be acceptable that there is no way to fuss to FCC as they want each one singled out. Or write the broadcaster…I don’t know how to contact the source of the problem!!
    Thanks for letting me rant! and an interesting web site.

  2. Brilliant web log. Dugg!

  3. Outstanding info. Added to Facebook!

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