The Beauty of Other People’s Mistakes


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Do you know what the definition of a consultant is? It is a person who borrows your watch, tells you the time, returns your watch and bills you for the information. Information, I might add that you could have easily gotten on your own.

I can make jokes about that because I frequently consult. You see the value of consulting is usually proving what people already think.

Parents don’t often realize how much they act as consultants. They can be out in public, at school, sports functions or family events and they are often observing others working at the craft of parenting, and the results that follow.

It is easy for us to stand back and watch as another parent gives in to the 28th request for candy at the checkout line, smugly thinking ‘Well, that is the problem right there’. The child just needed a consistent and clear NO and the problem would have been solved. You may be thinking that , when in reality given the same situation you might have reacted the same way?

With the news media so focused on celebrity parenting, we have had yet again our share of learning what we can better.

David Hasselhoff’s 16-year-old daughter Taylor filmed her drunken father on the floor, asking him to promise to stop drinking.

Alec Baldwin’s telephone rant that will forever associate his little girl to being a rude pig.

Paris Hilton’s mom who failed to explain responsibility and consequences.

It’s easier to see some mistakes more than others. It is even smarter to learn from them.

Any family that has been torn apart by alcohol abuse can understand Taylor Hasselhoff’s heartbreaking pain. The video might make a difference and change behavior to a parent battling alcohol to see that their actions have a tremendous impact of the entire family.

Couples battling custody issues might realize how hurtful, damaging and foolish their war is.

And what parent doesn’t realize how unfair it is not to hold our children responsible for their actions by watching the antics of Paris Hilton.

Yes parents can do what consultants do – look in the window of the lives of others and point out the obvious – a better way to do things.

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