Fireworks and the blue moon are both free

Friday, August 31st was the start of a holiday weekend and my birthday. It was also a blue moon and the last time for free fireworks this season at Coney Island.

The fireworks lit up the sky and the blue moon cast a beautiful ribbon of light across the water, but both paled in comparison to the delight on the faces of everyone watching.

Our joy in life always comes from the little things and wisdom in recognizing what those things are. After all, to see ‘free’ fireworks or a blue moon, all you really have to do is look up.

Hoping your holiday weekend gives the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the beautiful world and people around you.

Tina Nocera, Founder
Parental Wisdom

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  1. Karen Van Cott says:

    This weekend was spent moving our son Robert, into his new home. It was a family affair and as I looked at everyone involved with this busy move, I thanked God for my family.

    On 9.1.2012 it was thirty four years to the day that we (my husband Philip and I) moved from NY to CT with our two sons , George and Robert. Now helping our son, Robert move from CT to NY on that exact day thirty four years later was bitter/sweet.

    The blessing of the house by my brother Edward was extremely touching. The day was busy but we weren’t running around spending money we were sharing a day building a future for our son/brother/nephew/friend.

    I hope most were enjoying the pleasure of being with family and friends.

  2. Tina Nocera says:


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