To listen is to lead

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. -Epictetus


I’m a fan of round tables.

Hierarchy isn’t quite as evident at round tables as it is when people are sitting at rectangular tables.  Parents and leaders sit at the head of the table during meals and meetings respectively.  You may have noticed a correlation to someone’s position at the table and domination of the conversation.

The ‘bigger’ guy has the most to say which means he or she has the least to learn.  But notice the letters in the word listen and silent.  They are exactly the same, but in a different order:

L I S T E N = S I L E N T

For parents, the world is constantly changing, so it is in your best interest to talk less and listen more.  Your children can teach you some amazing things.

Leaders may find it thought-provoking to hear staff members’ point of view on how things could improve.

While leaders claim employees are their greatest asset, and parents gush about their wonderful kids, both are happy to prove it if you let them.

I’m just saying….


Have a great week!


Tina Nocera,Founder

Parental Wisdom®


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  1. Doreen says:

    Love this Tina… When I taught pre-school … I realized there was much more to ‘Out of the mouths of Babes’ than just humor… those little minds are always ticking! Hope all is well!

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