For your back to school assignment…

The summer night is like a perfection of thought.  ~ Wallace Stevens


I overheard a conversation/debate this weekend about the summer being over.

Now we could consider the optimist/pessimist point of view, but I prefer to say we have another half of the summer remaining.  But it will come to an end, and what will you have to show for it?

When your children go back to school the teacher will ask what they did over the summer.  How will they respond?

Since I started this blog in 2006 the message has been the same.

We model the behavior we want to see in our children.

So let’s change the assignment.  What if you had to write a paper in September about what you did over the summer?

  • Did you read (or better yet write!) the next great novel?
  • Did you start a new exercise routine?
  • Did you get out your easel and paint?
  • Did you take a class in something that has always interested you?
  • Did you start new family traditions like long walks, or shooting hoops after dinner?
  • Did you connect with friends?
  • Did you intentionally do nothing but recharge?

Airlines recommend parents put on their own oxygen mask before helping children put on theirs.  By my estimate, you still have half the summer left!

Begin by having a memorable week!


Tina Nocera, Founder

Parental Wisdom®


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  1. Regina says:

    For me as a mother of a 19 year-old son, it has been a re-connecting experience with him this summer. Although he decided to come home and not take any summer classes, the choice was limited to one: work. He did indeed, a lot. He had three jobs this summer and learned how it feels to buy his own running shoes and his flight to his vacation destination… he has matured and grew last year in college so much that he enjoys spending time with mom instead of going out with friends all the time. He now enjoys his home and stay….specially our time together during dinner time… Eating and talking about each others day has been a culminating and culinary I may add experience connecting with him as a mom. I raised him not to stay, but to leave and soar. The fact that he decided to come and stay for a couple of months with me is priceless!!!

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