Stop Digging


Actually, stop digging is the answer. The question – what do you do when you find yourself in a hole?

Britney Spears didn’t stop digging. In fact she may have gone so far as to channel her inner Elvis.

Like Elvis, she was talented but surrounded herself with people that enabled her, agreed with what ever she said, and decided although she chose to have children; it wasn’t yet time for her to grow up herself.


If you feel sorry for her, don’t.

When you have children, you don’t necessarily have to come last, but you don’t come first either.

Perhaps it would have helped if she had read my book Because Kids Don’t Come With Manuals®: Contemporary Advice for Parents.

She could have seen 10 Things to Consider BEFORE Having Children… It is listed here:

10 Things to Consider BEFORE Having Children…

1. Would you want to have you as a parent?
2. Have there been times when you could have been more generous?
3. Do you treat the people that matter in your life as well as you should?
4. Is your relationship with your spouse strong enough to withstand the stress of children?
5. What sacrifices are you willing to make to be able to afford children?
6. What family traditions will you carry on, and what new traditions will you both create together?
7. What is your idea of quality family time?
8. How will you decide how to share family holidays?
9. Do you believe it is your job as a parent to tell a child what to think or how to think?
10. Is there something about your spouse that makes you look forward to becoming a parent, or is there something that has you concerned?

To receive a printable version of this list, simply visit Parental Wisdom and enter your e-mail address to get this free report.

Thank goodness the legal system acted in the best interest of the children.

We all know that although it is a lot of work to raise a child, it is still easier to build a child than it is to repair an adult.

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  1. Joanne says:


    I don’t know anything about Britney Spears or her children. I do know that if I had asked myself your excellent questions before I became a mother, I would have given all the right answers. And answers that may be different now that I am years into being a mother.

    There is a HUGE difference between anticipating what being a parent is like and the reality of what being a parent truly is. A lot depends on you, the adult, but it is also very dependant on the person(s) your child(ren) are. As the mother of a highly competitive, super athlete, emotionally intense child (I am oversimplifying my child’s traits as there are many more), my motherhood is greatly affected by this as much as who I am as a person when I became a mother and who I am maturing into as I am actively in the mothering years. In Britney Spears’ situation, I do not know if the legal system acted in the best interests of the children — at the very least, given who their father is. What I worry about is our culture that honors and holds up high celebrities and what that does to the celebrities children as well as the children of us mere “mortals”.

    Best regards,

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