We Don’t Need Another Hero


“People who cheat cannot get away with it.”

– Marion Jones in a 2004 interview

Yet another ‘hero’ falls from grace by her own admission as a drug cheat. Before last week, Jones has always vehemently denied taking performance-enhancing drugs and many were willing to believe her. After all, she was a high school star who appeared blessed with immense natural talent. After seven years, time has finally caught up with her.

She deserves an award all right, but not necessarily the Olympic medals; more like an Academy Award. A tearful Jones admitted to taking the anabolic steroid stanozolol, only after pleading guilty to a charge of lying to United States Government investigators.

Let’s hope the medals now go to their real winners, Jamaica’s Sandie Richards, Catherine Scott-Pomales, Deon Hemmings and Lorraine Graham-Fenton who performed so gallantly in the 4×400 metres final.

For the rest of us mere mortals, let’s introduce our children to the worthy heroes that live among us.

5 Responses to “We Don’t Need Another Hero”

  1. Peter Joachim says:

    But all TV sporting stars are cheats.

    The media won employ honest athletes.

    They all dope, lie and cheat, That is TV theater.

    Steroids (100%), corked bats (Rose, Sosa), meaningless home runs (Baroid), strike outs (Clemens), fixed games (many).

    Tiger, Lance, Kobe, Vick are all big Nike created frauds. Talented cheaters.

    LIVE WRONG! Cheat to win, swoosh

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