The Sandwich Kid

I have a sign hanging up at home. It says ‘No Whining’ and has a red circle around it, with a red line through it. I first drew that sign when my kids were little and whining, as young children often do. I remember thinking one day how ineffective a means of communication whining was and that I didn’t want to add any more whiners to an ever growing population.

That is especially true when it comes to me. Anytime I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I realize that there is always someone that has a more difficult time, and none more than parents and families of children struggling with an illness or a disability.

I was surprised to learn that over 650 million people in the world suffer from disabilities, from mild to severe. If you think about how many siblings and family members that would affect, the number is staggering.

Take a look at this brief clip of The Sandwich Kid– a film about special needs families. I guarantee you won’t whine again about the struggles you face. Thanks Judy Winter for sharing this ten minute promo.

3 Responses to “The Sandwich Kid”

  1. riddlej says:

    I totally agree with you about whining. It’s not only annoying and ineffective, it is unthankful. We tell our three little boys (4,3,2) to use their “man” voice when they’re whining. We figure it will not only help them to identify with masculinity, but it will help cultivate that peaceful, thankful heart.

    Maybe I’ll try your sign idea too =)

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