Welcome to our world little one!



“We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Ancient Indian Proverb


To our new grandson, we are so very happy that you arrived this week healthy and happy!

Your parents are good people, and you are loved by a very large (and somewhat crazy) extended family. Having so many people ‘in your corner’ is a very good thing!

We will encourage you to play, learn and grow to be someone good in this world.

Here is a little advice from Nonna:

  1. When you color, use all the crayons in the box. That will make your picture so much more interesting.
  1. When playing with your friends, they may have different ideas on what to play or how to play. Listen to their ideas, too. After all, the objective is to have fun. If you start with that in mind, everybody wins!
  1. Be grateful for everything you have, and remember it’s more about the people you are playing with, than about the game.
  2. There are certain games, like baseball, where you have to choose sides. Remember, you only have to choose sides when the game specifically calls for it. Other times, it’s nice to start in the middle rather than taking sides.
  3. Although the message in stories is that some people are good and others are bad, that is very rarely true.
  4. Don’t think you can look at a person and know the kind of person they are. Give people the benefit of the doubt. The ugly witch can be a very good person.
  5. Know that we will do everything we can to protect you. And the largest population in the world is good people. They outnumber everyone else.
  6. There aren’t always easy answers to a problem, but we can’t stop trying to fix them. There is always something we can do.
  7. You are going to make mistakes. Admit them, apologize, learn from your mistakes and move on.
  8. It is always a good time to be kind.

Every time a child is born, so is a grandparent.

I love you all the time!

Tina Nocera, Founder

Parental Wisdom®

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4 Responses to “Welcome to our world little one!”

  1. Deb Willsea says:

    Congrat’s TIna! I look forward to reconnecting – on this GRAND parenting adventure and more!

  2. Edie Emmich says:

    Hi Tina!

    Again, congratulations and welcome to the nana club! Happiness is being a nana. I loved your words of wisdom this week.

    Thanks for always being so inspiring.

  3. Hi Tina, Congrats on the new little one! Great words of wisdom here which I will repost.

    Things are moving forward with TRU.
    Thank you,

  4. Karen Van Cott says:

    One of the most precious gifts we can have is, grandchildren. You look in their eyes and see angels from heaven. You play with them and you regain energy that you’ve lost. You laugh and giggle and you become a kid again. My energy comes from holding their hands and listening to them describe, a doll, a truck and adventure they had. You have so much to look forward to each day is a gift. Congrads to you and Mike!

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