The Real Miracle about Babies

A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.
Carl Sandburg, US biographer & poet (1878 – 1967)

A friend called today with a tremendous amount of excitement and just a touch of exhaustion in his voice. He was sharing the joyful news that his wife had just given birth to their second son.

We tend to think that babies are a miracle, but the real miracle is that we can find additional love in our hearts for another baby.

As friends and family are starting their own little families, my children prepare to leave the nest and move to college. Everyone has told me that you blink, and all of a sudden your children are grown up. It is so true, and I loved every minute of it – even the rough spots.

I don’t need to look at the thousands of pictures we’ve taken at celebrations, holidays, school and sporting events; they are all clearly etched in my memory. The best times though are the ones that don’t call for a ‘Kodak moment’ but instead, the rather uneventful moments where we sat around the dinner table and laughed about nothing special.

So along with all the unsolicited advice new parents get, here is mine. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are no perfect people, so there are no perfect parents – and our children don’t mind one bit. They are wonderfully resilient and root for us. They look to us for our love and our best intentions. As long as we have the right motivation, and are consciously parenting, we will all do just fine.

To all new parents, enjoy your journey.

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