Let’s think…do we want our kids to have more books or toys?


In today’s USA Today, the cover page article Teachers snub Scholastic Toys should be read by all parents. Teachers are concerned that Scholastic may be taking advantage of the access to our school children. The intention was to provide books at low cost to our children to encourage an interest in reading. But the catalog seems to be catering more and more to toys, and branded products.

One teacher said that she didn’t care if children get a SpongeBob toy, as long as they read. I totally disagree – – we are giving our children too many material things so they will do something else, like reading. What that does it create an extrinsic reward when the opportunity to read is itself a reward. Additionally, all this licensed and branded products takes away our childrens’ natural creative ability. They don’t have to dream the day away creating the next cartoon character – – they find quiet and white paper to create their own great cartoon characters.

Honestly folks, look around. Do your children really need another toy?

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  1. Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more. We are bombarding our children with material rewards and neglecting to foster their imaginations and creativity. I am a former Dance and Movement Therapist who worked mainly with children who had special needs. In addition to movement I used music and stories to stimulate their creative energies. I am hoping to create a movement piece based on my newly published book “Tales My Ghanaian Grandmother Told Me”
    Dzagbe Cudjoe

  2. This is the best blog I’ve ever seen in my life! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to share your this with everyone.

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