There’s Always Room for Jello

Do you realize there is a food to eat even when we’re stuffed? That slogan became part of a culture ingrained with so much, that even in excess we want more.

The summer provides an opportunity to illustrate that less equals more. With school out and a naturally slower pace, let’s take advantage of that.

Less scheduled activities = more time
Less homework = more teachable moments
Less structure = more playfulness
Less indoors = more nature
Less planning = more spontaneity
Less stuff = more substance

In an age of cellphones, texting, email and videogames, the past looks like fun. Here are some ideas before the summer totally escapes us, to have simply wonderful fun with your children. The best ideas may very well come from memories of your own childhood.

Build a fort
Catch lightning bugs
Fly a kite
Hula hoops
Jump rope
Make (but don’t eat) mudpies
Marco Polo
Monkey in the middle
Planting vegetables, fruits, flowers, anything…
Play a pickup game of baseball, basketball, soccer
Play Capture the Flag
Red light, green light
Ride bikes
Simon says
Sleep under the stars
Stop and go dancing

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What ideas can you add? Comment below

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Play is the way a child learns what no one can teach him. – Lawrence K. Frank

3 Responses to “There’s Always Room for Jello”

  1. My kids always loved “Book Festivals”…pile up the pillows, get out all the books from when they were younger…and read, read, read!

  2. phil says:

    Hey Tina why don`t you write something about the games we used to play in the streets and I`ll forward you a few pictures of my street games series which has been doing well at BWAC and with a collector. I`m now talking with the street Games page and movie producer about putting my paintings on his sight. Call if interested Phil.

  3. Gadget_Blog says:

    Great post, really help me alot. Thanks.


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