Reasons why parents are smarter than BP

Mazel Tov!

A new cap has been successfully placed on the top of the busted oil well.  The job of a  Monday morning quarterback is always easy, but perhaps BP could take a page from successful parents.

Being a great parent is as simple as paying attention to the little hairs on the back of your neck.  By that I mean parents are aware of subtle changes in behavior; responding and monitoring situations appropriately before things get so out of control that the top blows off.

In the case of BP, you can take that literally.  In the case of parents, here are a few scenarios where situations spiral out of control making them equally difficult to recover from when parents are not paying attention to the little things:

  1. The CEO that isn’t invited to his daughter’s wedding
  2. The seven-year-old that curses out his parents
  3. The 15-year-old who falls face down in the street because he is high

Sometimes a simple reminder is all that is needed.

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Have a great day!

-Tina Nocera, Founder

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