Mom’s the Word

Since 1872, the second Sunday of May has been the national observance of Mother’s Day. I’m bringing this subject up on Monday and not waiting until Friday which is too late for you to think about it.

If you forget to pick up groceries on the way home, not good but forgivable. If you forgot to feed the dog, not bad enough for you to end up in the doghouse, but if you forget mother’s day and I can assure you there won’t be a large enough place for you to hide.

According to Dr. John Gray author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, we are from different planets, but let me help you to understand what it is that mothers do.

As you know, there is no job description for the role, but I’ve taken the liberty of putting something together defining 141 roles. You can get a complete copy by visiting Parental Wisdom – Free Reports and print out your own copy of Mom’s Job Description.

The job of a mom is interesting in the sense that you hope that what you do not only enriches your life, but the life of others as well. Current research, much of it contradictory leaves us with a constant nagging sense of guilt and doubt. But we’re smarter than that. You know you’re doing ok, just look at your child.

A young mom I know was feeling uncertain as we all do from time to time thinking she wasn’t doing a good enough job. She and her little three-year old daughter were in the food market when someone accidentally cut the little girl off from her mother not realizing they were together.

In her most polite, but assertive big girl voice she said, “Excuse me miss, but I need to get to my mom.” The woman realizing what happened immediately moved her shopping cart and looked up at the mom and gave her a very assuring smile. The mom felt good and realized that in the behavior of her very polite little girl, maybe she is making a difference.

Unlike other jobs where you get you raises, reviews, promotions, benefits and vacations, this is a job where you have to find your own rewards. Keep your eyes open because they’re there every day. The sticky wet kisses on the playground, the toothless smiles from the stage of the spring musicale, the high fives when he rounds third base or the teenager that still talks to you. And yes, polite little three-year-old girls.

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