When is a minute not equal to a minute

Some of the best ideas I get seem to happen when I’m doing mindless manual labor or exercise. I’m not sure how that happens, but it leaves me free for remarkable ideas to occur.  – Chuck Palahniuk

The January 25th WSJ featured an essay entitled, Why Mom’s Time Is Different from Dad’s Time.

The premise is that even though moms are working more and dads are contributing more, even if the time is equal the tasks are not.

So when does a minute not equal a minute? The answer is when the intensity of the task takes more focus, thought, single mindedness, etc.

When divvying up tasks, most moms will take the dishes because, “The dishes don’t talk back to you.” 

Reading through this, my thoughts trailed back to my childhood.  As the second eldest in a family of six kids, I remember my mother doing the dishes and singing Everybody’s talking at me.

In our multi-tasking, attention grabbing, never quiet present day society, we would willingly gravitate to the tasks that are, for lack of a better word, mindless.

I know I do…call me crazy, but I LOVE ironing!  My mind wanders, but yet at the same time there is attention to detail on the task at hand.

Most would agree that Moms are the CEO’s of the household and in that role, need time for quiet reflection.  So dads, volunteer for bath time after dinner, so moms can get lost in the dishes.

For fun, here are two links:

1.   From the past the classic Honeymooners show “A woman’s work is never done

2.   Present day link from Buzzfeed “Why dads can’t be Trusted to do Anything Right.”

Now, if you will excuse me…the ironing pile is calling.

Have a great week!

Tina Nocera, Founder

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  1. Regina says:

    A minute to talk to my 20th year old was priceless. His birthday is December 17th…when all the family gets together…it’s Christmas time and family is gathered….he comes out of the closet….I knew it then for some time…A mother loves and respects his ; no matter what. He then tells me that he is gay and I embraced/ hugged and kissed him…just like I did when he gave me his first painting while taking classes are an Arts Academy 12 years ago. He is who he is…he is an extraordinary person, intelligent, cultured, free-spirit, and above all, handsome. It’s a mix of German and Bask…truly a good son who feels great about it! And,mom is so proud of him…

  2. admin says:

    You should be proud mom!

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