Teachers’ Wish List


I just visited Staples today, completely forgetting about the frenzy of back to school shoppers. Lines snaking down the aisles, parents holding baskets filled with notebooks, loose leaf paper, pencils, pens and other assorted paraphernalia that speaks to the promise of the start of a new school year.

But missing were the teachers who dutifully shopped early and mid August, no doubt spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of their own dollars on preparing classrooms for their students. The first three years, a teacher spends a lot of money building their libraries and supplies.

As you attend your school’s open house, look around at the eye catching laminated art and rest assured the teacher paid for it. Thinking ahead to Christmas, resist the urge to buy yet another apple anything, and consider some of the websites that help teachers with the expense of supplies and classroom decorations. Teachers can even create wish lists.

Check out these sites:


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