Who is right?


A NY Times article, In 2008 Race, Little Ones Go on the Trail with Daddy presents a very different picture of what the candidates might be dealing with.

No fewer than five presidential contenders have children under the age of 10; a circumstance historians say has no recent precedent.

What’s interesting is the candidates differing philosophies on the amount of family disruption they will allow, and the reasons why.

John Edwards, the former North Carolina Senator, brings along Emma Claire and Jack, 9 and 7. Like most children that age, they are often fidgety and bored with campaign life. So why invite the disruption – quite possibly because the Edwards’ lost their oldest son to a car accident 11 years ago. He doesn’t want miss a thing; even the challenges of negotiating sitting quiet and still with children that have heard his speech dozens of times before.

Barack Obama on the other hand, is determined to keep his girls, ages 9 and 6 with their scheduled intact. Michelle Obama believes that birthday parties and day camp field trips come first, and children thrive on stability and routines.

Mr. Thompson, a former Republican senator from Tennessee has a 9-month old son and a 3 year-old daughter which are featured on his website. Missing are his older sons from a previous marriage. There are also logistics issues regarding car seats, sudden illnesses, and the unexpected diaper removal on camera while giving a speech.

This is exactly why I started Parental Wisdom, the patented parenting website that recognizes parents as the real experts in knowing their own children best.

There are usually several versions of right – but, much like the presidential candidates, the parents know which applies to them.

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