Have We Really Evolved?


Parents Say Online Bullies Caused Daughter’s Suicide

When your children are little, and when they fall and hurt themselves it’s easy to kiss the hurt and apply a band-aid.

But as they get older, the world can be cold and cruel, and situations that can’t be fixed with a band-aid and kiss.

The story in recent news is incredible and makes me wonder if we’ve really evolved at all. Parents posing as a teen age boy befriend a 14-year-old girl online. The girl’s parents took all the right precautions regarding Internet safety, but after ‘Josh’ befriended their daughter, he began to say cruel and hurtful things.

The intention of the parents pretending to be Josh was to see if the girl said anything bad about their daughter. That in itself is unreal. But the story gets worse because the teenage girl was on medication for ADD and depression, and hung herself because of the cruelty.

When it was realized that this was a hoax, the girl’s parents confronted the neighborhood family that created Josh and after losing their tempers did some damage to their property, and called the police.

The law cannot do anything to the family that created this hoax, while there is a family that no longer has their little girl. She had a name – it was Megan Miers.

Please remember her name because Megan’s parents are working on legislation to change the law so this doesn’t happen to someone else’s child. When they need support, I’m sure they can count on every parent that wants to protect their children.

My heart goes out to this family, along with my support.

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3 Responses to “Have We Really Evolved?”

  1. I followed this story with a sinking heart for I, too, have been victimized by anonymous vandals and whatever they say can be very hurtful. However, I would like to inform you a federal court in Los Angeles took the case. May justice finally prevail.



  2. lucii says:

    i heard about this an i am reall sorry that someone could be so cruel in getting involved in ther childs life. the parents had no right to get involved with what this girl said or didnt day. the mom went to far by calling her names and torturing her, regardless what it might or might not have caused. my heart goes out to the family and i hope the mom who did this and her family feel the emotional pain that this family is going through now.

  3. Amazing, I found your site on google poking around for something completely unrelated- now I’m gonna need to go the old posts. Good bye free time today, but this was a really spectacular find.

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