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Dr. Vicki’s “Top 10” Parenting Series!


“Do as I say, not as I do,” does not work!
The behaviors you model are the behaviors your children will learn. If you want them to be responsible, kind, respectful, moral, independent, loving, honorable, etc., then, you must show them how to lead an honorable, kind, moral, respectful, etc. life. Knowing that they can count on Mom and Dad to ‘do the right thing’ provides a strong sense of security and stability for your children, and a model by which they can fashion their lives. They may drift astray, but are likely to come back to being the kind of person you modeled.

Top 10 Tips to Teach by Example:
1.    Love each other.
2.    Live your life the way you want your children to live theirs.
3.    Be honest.
4.    Show respect for others.
5.    Take good care of yourself.
6.    Take responsibility for your actions.
7.    Express your feelings.
8.    Use positive coping skills.
9.    Be kind and compassionate..
10.    Follow the rules.
Enjoy your children!
“Dr. Vicki” The Parenting Professor Come visit my site for lots more parenting tips.

“Internationally recognized as a passionate and dedicated parent/child specialist, child psychologist “Dr. Vicki” Panaccione has spent the last 25 years helping thousands of families strengthen what she calls the “CaringConnection,” the emotional bond between parents and children.”  “Dr. Vicki is the author of Discovering Your Child: Parent Guide, and CaringConnections, her weekly online newsletter, helping parents find joy and fulfillment in their relationships with their children.”

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