Tell Me What To Do Next

This week USA Today ran a story questioning why moms judge one another and their parenting.

I hope none of us are out there waiting on our next move to be based on the opinions or judgment of others.  That makes no sense because you are the expert of your children.

I guess that is what I love best about Parental Wisdom®.  You ask the questions, anonymously and for free, and get back multiple expert answers so you can choose what works best for your child and situation.   Something you can’t get anywhere else – – that is why it is so unique it’s patented.

Parenting after all is like arts and crafts – art because the people involved always make it new, and crafts because the longer you work at it, the better you get, but only if you listen to yourself.  With our help, you can get the answers you need to figure it out, so the problems aren’t being swept under the rug.

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