What Makes You Happy?

The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1.

~Author Unknown

In an earlier post entitled “So How Am I Doing?” I mentioned Parental Wisdom® advisors are working together to write a book on raising children that we would love to meet someday.

Your feedback helped craft the list we are diligently working on.  One important quality identified in raising a person that you would love to meet is for that person to be happy.  Though we can reference many ideas, we can also use your help in defining what makes a person happy.   If you would like to contribute a comment that we could publish, please leave a comment here.

If it is something we use for the book, we will respond and get your permission which means you may (finally) be published!  And we might throw in a cool t-shirt too.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say on this topic!  Again, here is the question: what makes you happy?

Tina Nocera, Founder

Parental Wisdom®

9 Responses to “What Makes You Happy?”

  1. Regina Sustaeta Linck says:

    My son Joseph, 16, finally decided in consensus to move to another high school. The previous high school he attended for two years is one of the best and toughesst ones in Texas. He was there the first year as a 15-year-old freshman because it was the best parent -choice. I chose it and he was O.K. I had a happy camper in 2008. In the middle of the following year, in 10th grade, he asked me to move him to another high school because he was not happy anymore; in fact, he was stressed with so much/many work, assignments, and projects. I told him that once he started a goal, he ought to finish it, so I refused to move him and he became so adamant about it that he ended up failing two classes, not turning in his work and ending up in an Alternative Placement Program(APP) because of his behavior. He still blames his misbehavior on me because I refused to transfer him to another high school. It’s MY fault that he did so poorly!!!! So he says!
    Well, as a mother, I think he matured enough to know what is ahead of him…Only two years in high school left and not enough time to make up for what he missed and failed to accomplished..maybe there is some hope! And the hope came about once we talked to the new counselor in the new school when she asked Joseph, my son, “What sport do you want to do? he replied by saying, “Swimming Mam, in the Varsity Swim Team”. His face lit up like if he had seen a shooting star for the first time! “There are no sports in my previous high school, it’s all about studying, being stressed, and lots of drugs”. The counselor replied to this by saying, “Then, why are you here? Are you implying that you want to be here because of swimming?”
    My 16 year old son replied the following:
    “I had a lot of work to do in Med High, which is good, but swimming is my sport. We had a lot of free time to do any sport in our own, but is not an elective, there are no sports here that one can do!. I did not apply myself to do the best in here because I was fed up with the people involved, specially the teachers”.
    “I now have to apply myself to do the best in my clases so I can swim”.
    As a mother, I feel that I did the best I could. The school where he preveiously attended is in fact, one of the best ones!

    There are many teachers/mothers who do not understand the thinking or rationale that happens in the brain of a teenager when he or she wants to be involved in a sports program to avoid the inappropriate misconduct of his or her peers.
    I realized as a mom, that now, at 16, Joseph is very excited to go to this new high school. It’s not the high school that mom prefers when she wants her son to go to the best of the best!
    Sometimes, and most of the time, you will get to see your son or daughter “very excited” about a new beginning at 16!
    It is rare maybe, to maybe experience the ‘happiness’ that my son at 16, is projecting! Luckily, It has to do with swimming, though.
    Our sons and daughters need to be “happy”.
    Being happy “just because” rarely happens in America.
    I told my son today, “Son, you only have two years in high school…This is the best time of your life to enjoy it and be the happiest ever. Take advantage of it…it will be the best two years ever!

    Regina S. Linck – single mom of a 16-year old

  2. Kathy Russo says:

    These days simple things make me happy. Seeing my 3 year old son who has autism reach a milestone makes me happy. The first time he took my hand on his own, the first time he matched color blocks and the first time he tried to say his first word (only I probably understood).
    We take our children’s development for granted. We don’t think that playing with a puzzle or putting on the radio is a big deal, untill your child is unable to do it. I learned very quickly how to appreciate little things with my son, like when he looks me in the eyes when I speak to him, or when he shuts the door behind me. He makes me happy!

  3. Lou Longo says:

    It’s funny, but making others happy is truly what makes me happy. I know it sounds corny but I love seeing others smile, laugh or learn, especially kids which is why I love coaching youth sports. With so much chaos and negativity in the world today every time you go on line or watch the news, there is no better feeling than celebrating positive accomplishments amongst each other. I am now age 42, with a wonderful family (wife of 16 years and two boys ages 12 & 10) but I did not always have this attitude. It took a cancer diagnosis at age 34 which nearly killed me to provide perspective on what’s important to me and how a life serving others first can provide happiness and fulfillment I never dreamed possible. Am I or is my life perfect? No, but whose is? But it is the perfect life for me knowing I am surrounded by Family Friends and Faith. I make mistakes with the best of them as a dad, husband, friend, etc. but I subscribe to the theory that if you are not making mistakes, you are not trying hard enough. Surviving cancer has taught me humility and I share this not only with my own kids but all those I coach. When I can make others feel good, especially when times are tough, for me, there is no better feeling.

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