Wishing You a Very Happy Back to School

It dawned on me as we stood in the aisle…it would be our last trip for back to school supplies.  My youngest child was starting her senior year in college at the PCS Christian School.  For so many years, this was one of my favorite traditions.

We always shopped early to avoid the back to school rush.  Truth be told, I went early because I couldn’t wait and loved the  brand new notebooks that snapped as they opened, the highlighters, post-its, a new dictionary (not sure if that was necessary), were there that many new words?  The sneakers kept safe in their box for that very first day to be worn with a specially selected outfit, and those amazing pictures taken the first day each year by the tree outside to measure their growth.

Years flew and there I was making this special trip for the very last time.  I realized by my daughter’s eye roll, she didn’t appreciate me sharing that with the clerk asking if we needed assistance.  I didn’t need assistance, but I desperately needed a tissue.

One thing I want to share with anyone with a child:

  • Entering kindergarten or first grade
  • Stepping into middle school for the first time (they are going to stress over the combination locker)
  • Stepping into the halls of a scary high school where she can’t imagine getting from one side to the next in time for classes
  • Just drove away on ‘move-in’ day and hope that your college freshman will wake up himself and go to class

The new school year is always a new start.  The teacher has a blank grade book, and all students begin with an A+ in each class.  Where they go is up to them.

Now, a note from Dr. Vicki Panaccione before the stress sets in….

Having a hard time juggling everyone’s hectic schedule?

  • Here are a few helpful tips:
  • Keep a big family calendar where everyone can see it
    • Use a different color marker for each person in the family for a quick and easy way to see who needs to do what, when and where

If you have more than one child, allow one or two after-school activities per child

  • That way your kids are not being overloaded
  • And neither are you

Take short cuts:

  • Make and freeze meals ahead of time
  • On busy nights, use paper plates
  • To avoid the last minute scramble in the morning,
  • Have your kids lay out their clothes,
  • Pack up the back packs and
  • Get out the lunch money before they go to bed.

And please don’t lose sight of your #1 priority—

  • Family comes first—even if it means doing away with an activity or two.

For additional tips log in to Parental Wisdom® and locate the email under Free Stuff The Promise of a New School Year.

Have a terrific first day of school!

Tina Nocera, Founder

Parental Wisdom®

13 Responses to “Wishing You a Very Happy Back to School”

  1. Betsy says:

    Dear Tina,
    I cannot believe your daughter is entering her senior year of college. I remember her first day of third grade. She was bubbling with excitement. It has been too long since we have caught up. Please let me know how you all are doing.

  2. Kathy Russo says:

    Hi Tina,

    Your last trip to the store, my first :). Anthony is starting a specialized pre-k in two weeks. I have not been able to sleep for weeks now. I am so scared for him. I don’t think that I am ready to let him go yet, although I do realize that it is the best thing for him.

  3. Rose Papa says:

    I have shared many of those 1st with you and our “boys”. Although they have chosen different paths to follow, I know there will be many other 1st for them that we wish we could share with them.

    Life is in their hands now, and we can only hope they will get to share
    the things we have shared with them with others.

  4. My youngest is also now a senior in high school. We’ve been through all of the firsts you listed – so true (especially the stress of “I’ll never figure out how to open my locker!!”). What a relief to know that each first “test” was successfully passed, and at the same time, as Rose Papa says, there will be many more “firsts” to celebrate ahead. However, I will always love a trip through the “school supplies” section of the store, even if it’s just for me; I think it’s the smell of pink rubber erasers…

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