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Question – How do you build a community?

Saturday, January 31st, 2009


If the question is how do you build a community, the answer is one person at a time.

When you think of the place where you live, do you get a warm and comfortable feeling? Do you feel connected to the people, and feel as if you’re a part of something? Did you have that growing up? If so, don’t your children deserve it as well?

What we’re learning is that with all our technology, it is a connection to people that really matters.

One of Parental Wisdom’s member wrote in recently about saving their school. The outpouring of support is overwhelming. It is so encouraging to see people so interested in defining their community.

The economic downturn has led a private school in Azusa, Light and Life Christian School to lower tuition cost for the upcoming school year to $3700.00 and the school is offering 45 financial aid packages (scholarships) to qualified families. For more information about Light and Life Christian School, call (626) 969–0182.

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