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Do you want my advice? Not really

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Are you Mom Enough?







“If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.”

 ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

February  1989: My  13-month old isn’t sleeping through the night and I’m pregnant with our second child.  I purchase Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems by Dr. Richard Ferber.   Three nights later and $15.95 out of pocket, I finish the book. 

Though Dr. Ferber has an MD and I’m only a mom this method does not feel right.  Clearly he had done research and I have not.  But the difference is that I care about my long term relationship with this child.  

Years later, I would use that moment of realization, that I am the expert in knowing my own child best, as the basis for a patent defense for Parental Wisdom®. 

If Time Magazine’s objective was to engage conversation and create controversary, they succeeded with their cover and story asking moms if they are ‘mom enough’.  

Great –what we needed just in time for Mother’s Day; another reason for self-doubt and guilt.

Nothing good is coming from that conversation.  But on page 9 in the very same magazine, was an article asking where moms have it worst, ranking 165 countries in categories including child nutrition, access to medical care and maternal mortality, which measures the likelihood of death due to childbirth and other motherhood-related causes.

Perhaps, because we care about the wrong things, the U.S. moms might have it the worst.

Change the conversation, and have a great week!

Tina Nocera, Founder

Parental Wisdom®

Winners in the Mom lottery

Sunday, May 6th, 2012


I received an email this week that I wanted to share with you.

Jennifer has been accepted in to the Masters program (text & performance) at “The Royal Academy of Arts” in London…I wanted to share this exciting news with you. From Annie Jr. to West Side Story most of you in some way have been instrumental in helping her grown as an artist. Collectively you were her first teachers, mentors, friends and fans and I for one am grateful to your contribution in her life…..needless to say I am a very proud mother.

The truth is that this mom had many proud moments prior to this accomplishment for her daughter. 

For any mom who is there for the ups and downs, the rehearsals, practices, lessons, auditions, endless driving, sitting in, and cheering from the stands, this P&G video is a tribute to the moms who have sacrificed so much to participate in the joy that is being a mom.

Congratulations Jennifer for your great achievement, and being one of the many winners I know in the mom lottery.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all

Tina Nocera, Founder

Parental Wisdom®