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Mom, you ought to be in pictures

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

The air is crisp and the leaves will soon turn into the beautiful colors of fall. For me it’s time to plan our family holiday photo.

Parents with young children know the challenge is getting a photo where no one is squinting, looking away, or crying. My adult children have been asking for the past few years that we do away with our Christmas picture card sometime before their 40th birthday.

And they almost had me convinced.

That is until I read a terrific blog written by a mom who realized that although she took all the pictures, she wasn’t in them. While she was concerned about her own flaws, she realized as she looked at pictures of her own mom, she didn’t see flaws, but her mother’s face.

Parents, our pictures may not be perfect, but they are the moments we get to keep. If you are there to take the pictures, you can be in the pictures too.

After all, you are always beautiful to your children.

Have a wonderful week!

Tina Nocera, Founder
Parental Wisdom®